Golden glee!

001002003004Congratulations and well done to all of P2/3 for earning their Gold Award for great, green behaviour! I am very proud of you all and this is well deserved. Thank you very much to all parents for their support throughout this year with this and homework etc.Wish you all a fantastic summer and hoilday. I look forward to hearing about holiday fun from the new P3 and P4 pupils in August!

P2/3 Trip and outdoor learning

We had a great time at the Loch Ness Monster Exhibition and Centre. We enjoyed learning about how Loch Ness came to be, about different sightings of the monster and how these could be proved/disproved. Adrian Shine was there and answered questions from the class. We all got souvenirs from the gift shop and had our snacks beside the Centre. A pupil said, ” it was my best trip ever!”Thank you very much to the parent helpers who came with us.

Today we were thinking about quarters and did 4 claps, star jumps, jogs, waves etc. Then we made pictures using objects outside to show quarters, e.g.4 tyres in a wooden frame. We got caught in a light shower for 2 or 3 minutes and took shelter and then went back outside ti finish our pictures.

Word building

Yesterday we worked with a partner to build/make words using ai and ay. There were a few people in our class who had names using ai. We noticed ai was in the middle of words whereas ay could be in the middle or end. We used wooden letters and enjoyed working with a partner to help us.

P2/3 Trip!

Just to ask you to please check your child`s bag today. We are going to the Loch Ness Monster Exhibition Centre next Friday 15th June in the morning.Please can you fill in and return the form asap.Thank you in advance for your support.

A new angle on things!

We have been working with right angles this week in Maths. We looked for right angles in shapes using “Education City”, drew angles smaller/larger than right angles using a cube to test for right angles and worked out how many right angles to turn and which direction when turning to different directions, e.g. from North to East could be 1 right angle clockwise or 3 right angles anti-clockwise.We found a right angle is in the corner of a shape and that the shape has to have 2 straight edges too  each side of a right angle. Also angles are measured in degrees and a right angle is 90 degrees.

Outdoor maths and French films

P2/3 were outside doing more sharing and grouping with and without remainders. We used outdoor materials to help and worked in groups of 4 or 5. We are getting experts at division!

This afternoon 3 teachers came to work with us on French. We saw 4 short films with no language- cartoon like. Afterwards we played games to practise our French and also used the tablets and  i-pads for a team game. The green team ( vert) won!We learned names of food, numbers, names of famous places in Paris and feeling words- Je suis content- I am happy etc. C` etait tres bien!

Party time

Today we had a party as it was the last time we will see baby, Lily for our “Roots of empathy” programme. We had a party with juice, biscuits, crisps and cake. Lily will be 1 soon so we had a birthday cake and helped her blow out the candle! We gave her Mum a card and flowers. We played a game of “Simon says” which was good fun.Enjoy looking at the photos!


Maths outdoors

We have been working with division- sharing and grouping in Maths. Outside on Wednesday afternoon we collected objects such as pebbles, leaves, flower petals and shared these between 2 on a number square. We worked in groups and had to listen to each other and work together to collect and share objects. We also had a birthday in our class and enjoyed some delicious chocolate cake! Thank you very much to the parent who brought it in.DSCN0155[1]DSCN0154[1]DSCN0160[1]