Science week

As part of Science week, Lorna from the WDC came to talk to the classes about how to look after whales and dolphins in the sea- not disposing of litter on beaches etc, particularly plastic.She showed the children how big dolphins and whales are by getting them to hold a material models showing their sizes. She also had a skull of a dolphin and a a sperm whale`s tooth! It was an amazing, informative and enjoyable visit. Their centre is at Spey Bay, the other side of Elgin, near Fochabers. Maybe a good place to visit in the Easter holidays perhaps? They are a registered charity and you can find out more on #WDC online.

3 thoughts on “Science week

  1. Abbi Thorp

    Dylan said, “I enjoyed the things that we did. I enjoyed answering the questions that Lorna asked me and I loved her that she came in and she took up her time.”


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